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The 1613 AutoBook Project - Invitation Letter

May 28, 2020

Imagine a world in which people--professional writers or otherwise--share their unique yet relatable life experiences (or stories) in the form of stylized fiction and non-fiction books. The books not only familiarize the residents of a town, city or community with society at large but also acquaint them with each other, opening communication amongst individuals who might've considered those outside their circles as strange or unfit. The interactions inspire more people to share their stories and, using the money earned from book sales, they produce careers for themselves, production companies and jobs for aspiring editors, designers, media developers, software engineers and more.

In our effort to realize this dream, we've launched an exciting new product called the 1613 AutoBook, which a user can read, sign and share. Authors or copyright holders of this kind of book use our non-exclusive AutoBook license to market, publish and distribute their work as they see fit. Having your product(s) associated with our brand could increase your sales and recognition--ultimately establishing a standard of self-publication people can trust, support and consume. Our goal (with this project) is to release a line of exceptional books whose stories possess the originality and marketability mentioned in paragraph one.

The acquisition of an AutoBook license requires a one-time fee of four to ten dollars--depending on the size of the book. We'll use the money to grow our business and diversify the project. Maybe your book(s) will spawn an original movie and consequently create another YouTube, Netflix or hybrid of both. In return, we'll prepare your content for publication by editing and formatting the finished manuscript and building a cover. You can preview a sample of our first AutoBook here. We accept virtually all genres and styles. Because part of this project's promotion depends on exhibiting, signing and sharing physical objects, we only prepare paperbacks. Just think about how much curiosity and interest--whether overtly expressed or not--a simple little flash of an autobook while waiting for the bus, commuting on the train, sitting in the dog park or even posting on social media could spark.

To get started, go to our AutoBooks page. As a reward for reading this letter, we'll waive the one-time fee to produce your AutoBook. Simply request an invitation code and we'll tell you what to do next. You may use it only once.
Yes, please send me an invitation code

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Respectfully yours,

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Anthony Wilbourne
Company Founder/Owner/Fellow Writer